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Work Hours
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Jiayue 8 experienced sales representatives are always ready to provide any support you needed.

Before your design is completed, you may need to consider whether use hard enamel of soft enamel, whether one specific area is wide enough for coloring, whether screen printing is needed or whether we can change in certain way to make it better.

For all points you are not so sure, welcome to contact. Jiayue pre-sales team will provide professional suggestions to make your product design perfect.

Free quote

After your design is ready, just tell us your qty and details of design, Jiayue will be glad to send you competitive quotation normally within 12 hours.

Delivery tracking

After your product is sent out by FedEx, the tracking number will be sent to you immediately. During the delivery, Jiayue will follow the whole process, should there is any abnormal situation, we will coordinate and make sure your order reach your hands safely.

After sales service

Jiayue our factory is well known for the good product quality in pins manufacturing field. If you ask six of your friends in pin business, probably one of them is using us as their factory, and they are all happy with products they received. 

Later after receiving your products, you will surely also agree and love the high quality of your products manufactured by Jiayue. 

In case, if any of your orders reach your hands, and they are not satisfactory, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Jiayue will take immediate actions to coordinate with you for a satisfactory solution. This barely happens, but if it happens, please contact us immediately.