Besides art prints, one type of bookish merch I would love to collect are enamel pins. I love personalizing my personal things like my bags, and putting enamel pins on them would be cool. Sadly, enamel pins are a little expensive 😭. But I’m so lucky to receive this enamel pin from @thehappycamperdecor 😍💜. I am obsessed with this Velaris pin even though I haven’t read acotar 🙈.

You can get this Velaris pin and many other bookish-inspired goodies at @thehappycamperdecor shop. They are available on Etsy, RedBubble, Big Cartel, and Shopee.

If you’re purchasing on Etsy or Big Cartel, don’t forget to use my code “CAMPINK” for a 10% off your purchase 💜😍.
Q: What’s your favorite type of merch you love to receive? Let me know in the comments!
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