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Pins manufacturer

Pins manufacturer selection

When you want to have your pins manufactured, you search from Google, then you’ll find many manufacturers out there. Which one should you select, it is not so easy. This article explains some important aspects when selecting a good pins manufacturer.

Work with real pins manufacturer

Real pins manufacturer pays high attention to company reputation in pins business. Bad reputation spreads fast among pins buyers and can ruin this factory business if they don’t take good care of their customers. This also means that real pins manufacturer is more willing to solve your any complaints if they happen. Real pins manufacturer is also easier to remake or provide extra pins for you when your orders are not satisfactory.

Work with pins manufacturer has fast and efficient communication

When your design is complete, you want to get quotation fast and begin production immediately. After you send details to good pins manufacturer, it can send you quotation within 12-24 hours, with clear indication which details are included, total cost and how many days to reach your hands. Experienced pins manufacturer understands your points in your design, take good care of important points automatically. It can also provide good suggestions before production if there is potential problem in your design, etc. If only find problem wait until the sample/mass products come out, that is a big waste of time.

Agree worry-free payment method

When you work with a new factory, after you make payment to their bank account, if you find out this is a fake or bad factory, it is difficult to get you money back. Sending payment through PayPal is a good way to protect your money.

If your factory does not deliver or you find that it is surely not a good pins supplier, with adequate evidence provided to PayPal, it is easy for you to get your payment back from PayPal. Of course, after your pins supplier proves with orders that it is good, then sending payment to bank account is better, because the bank remittance charge is much lower than PayPal, especially for big amount.

Agree to send sample photos before mass production

After nearly one month waiting, if you receive your pins and find the quality is bad, even your pins manufacturer agrees to remake, but that wastes time. The best solution is before mass production, ask your pins factory to send sample photos for you to have a look. With this step, at least you know at earlier stage that how your pins will look like and can make adjustments accordingly if find anything wrong.

Confirm delivery time

From artwork preparation, approval to finishing mass production, the average time for pins production is within 2-3 weeks. If production time is too much longer than this, it may mean some trouble in the pins manufacturer, either lack of designers, or lack of production facility, or lack of workers for hand-made coloring, or bad supply chain coordination, etc.

Above aspects are important for smooth long-term cooperation with your pins manufacturer. Since this article is written by Jiayue Pins, we surely can meet these criteria and can become your good pins manufacturer.

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