🌸 ❄️ 🌸 NEW DROP 🌸 ❄️ 🌸
Available tomorrow, Saturday at 10AM PST: shiny Mew and the Japantown / 日本町 cherry blossoms.

Also will be opening a pre-order for the original (pink) Mew tomorrow. The pre-order window would close Monday night. Shiny Mew and the blossoms would ship immediately. Pre-orders would ship approximately three weeks from then, if not sooner like the Starters did 🤞.

Just like the first time, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Center ( @jcccnc_sf ), a community-focused non-profit based out of San Francisco’s Japantown.

Recap if you missed the first drop: the Cherry Blossoms are both a nod to J-Town in SF and a mini tribute to my grandparents, aunt, and uncle.

🙏 🌉 🌸



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