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National Labor Medal

1 Labor Day Historical Background

International Labor Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, May Day, is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world. It is on the first day of May each year. It is a festival shared by working people all over the world.

In July 1889, the Second International, led by Engels, held a congress in Paris. This meeting passed a resolution stipulating that international laborers would hold a parade on May 1, 1890, and decided to designate May 1st as International Labor Day.

In China, 2 months after the establishment of People’s Republic of China, central government made a decision in December 1949 to designate May 1 as Labor Day Holiday.

2 Introduction to the National Labor Medal

Zeng Xianhan, Welder

The National Labor Medal and the National Labor Certificate are honorary titles awarded by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions to laborers, enterprises, institutions, and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of China. It is one of the highest awards for the Chinese working class.

In 2022, 966 National Labor Medals, 956 National Worker Pioneers and 200 National Labor Certificates are awarded. These award winners and units are mainly from grassroots, front-line, and ordinary workers, with a focus on industrial workers.

In 2022, for the first time, in the selection notice, it was specially proposed to pay attention to recommending workers in new employment forms. In actual work, various units have actively recommended a number of advanced models such as truck drivers, online car-hailing drivers, couriers, and takeaway deliverymen, setting an example for this emerging group. It is worth mentioning that many workers in new forms of employment have contributed to the fight against the covid19 epidemic.

Among this year national labor medals, there are 35% industrial workers, 20% other front-line workers and professional and technical personnel, 20% scientific and educational personnel, and no less than 10% migrant workers.

By industries,

Manufacturing 34.1%,

Transportation, warehousing and postal 10.9%,

Public management, social security and social organization 7.4%,

Electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply 6.7%,

Construction 6.1%.

3 Medal Design

May 1st Labor Medal

In 2021, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions redesigned the National May 1st Labor Medal.

Medal size :diameter 50mm

Medal material : copper, enamel glaze

Production process : die-casting, gold-plated, enamel

Accessory material : Ribbon with satin

The theme of design: The Pioneer of our Times.

It is designed with the concept of “labor is the most glorious, labor is the most noble, labor is the greatest, and labor is the most beautiful”, showing “the elite of the nation, the model of the people, the hero of the country”, and the sense of honor of the pioneer of the times, awarded to the country workers who contribute to economic and social construction.

The medals are integrated in the shapes of “gears”, “books”, “flags”, “five stars, Tiananmen”, ” auspicious clouds” and “wheat ears”. “Gear” symbolizes the working class; “Book” symbolizes workers in education and cultural undertakings; “Flag” symbolizes pioneer, leadership, belief and cohesion; each recipient is a shining banner of the industry; “Five Stars, Tiananmen” Taken from the national emblem, it symbolizes China; “auspicious cloud” symbolizes “coexistence of origins, harmony and joint creation”; “wheat ears” symbolize the fruitful creation of laborers.

The overall medal is mainly gold, symbolizing glory; the national flag is red as an embellishment, symbolizing China.

Medal Packaging

The ribbons are mainly red and yellow, representing China, symbolizing glory. Ruyi auspicious cloud pattern, symbolizing “symbiosis of origin, harmony and integration, and hand in hand to create the Chinese dream. The dynamic curve symbolizes the times, and implies the development of the times and economic construction.

Packing size: 170mm*125mm*45mm.

Packaging material: special paper, flannel.

Production process: pasting, bronzing, die-cutting