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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions by customers

Below questions are frequently asked by our customers, welcome to have a look. Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What process can your company offer?

A: Based on products nature, our factory can carry out hard enamel, soft enamel, die struck, die cast, offset printed, silk screen printed, etc. different production processes.

Q: What color does your company use?

A: Pantone solid coated colors are the standard colors used in our factory.

Q: Do you do special effects?
A: Yes, we can do lots of special effects such as 3D surface, hinged, pin-on-pin fixed, pin-on-pin slide, pin-on-pin spinner, translucent, translucent-cut out(stained glass),pearlescent, glitters, laser, glow in dark-green/blue/red/yellow, etc.

Q: Can you backstamp my pins with my business name? What is the mold fee and can the back mold be reused on other pins in the future?

A: Words and/or pictures can be put on the back of your pins. For size within 2.0 inches, its cost is normally $25 for each back stamp. For bigger size, its cost is a little higher.

For zinc alloy back stamp, it could not be used for future orders, because each front mold need one back mold. Below photo can help you understanding this.:

For iron material products back stamp, in most cases, yes, the back mold can be used on your future pins.

Q: What are your restocking fees on pins after my first order?

A: You don’t need to pay the mold fee again when re-order your pins and coins, etc.

Q: Do you give production updates as they go along?

A: Yes, during production, we take photos to update you the latest progress. When they are ready for shipping out, photos will also be taken for your approval.

Q: How fast is the turnaround time after the production artwork(mock-up) is approved

A: Normally our turnaround time is 3 weeks, for urgent order, it can be faster.

Q: Do you provide samples before mass production

A: As photos are taken for customers’ checking during production, normally we don’t prepare samples before mass production, which saves production time. Of course, upon your request, we can also make samples and take photos and/or send to you for approval before mass production.

Q: If I send you my design, how do you protect my design and my intellectual property?

A: As we are a factory, the whole production process can be controlled by our factory. We have the ability to protect your design, mold and copyright. Your idea during our communication, your designs, the artwork(mock-up) proof before mass production, the manufactured products and products photos taken for your approval before delivery, all belong to you. Without your consent, photos of your products will not be displayed on our website, social medium, or emailed sample photos to other customers. Also, without your consent, we will not send your products to other customers as samples.

We understand all customers pay high attention to this issue. Strictly protecting customers’ intellectual property is also a hidden secret why lots of customers have worked with us for many years.

Q: What is your payment term and preferred payment method?

A: Our standard payment policy is full payment before mass production. 50% advance payment and the rest 50% to be paid before shipping out is also acceptable.

PayPal is our preferred payment method, bank T/T transfer, Western Union are also acceptable.

Q: What is your shipping fee to USA?

A: Shipping fee depends on the weight (unless volume weight is heavier), after receiving your design, size, material and qty etc. information, shipping fee can be quoted out.

Q: Who is your standard carrier and how long does the shipping take?

A: FedEx International Priority is our default delivery method. FedEx International Economy is also available for freight cost sensitive customers. Other carriers such as DHL, TNT, EMS, etc. are also ok.

It takes 3-5 working days for FedEx International Priority to send them to your hands from our factory.

Q: What is the easiest way to get quotation from your company.

A: Welcome to use our online quote request form .With a few clicks, your requirements can be sent to us and we can quote you within 24 hours.