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cute keychains

Cute keychains display

Everyone has a lot of keys, if you use a practical, chic and exquisite keychains to collect, it will be convenient and orderly to use. Cute keychains are not only keychains, they are also ornament, which contains its own small thoughts. If give it to a good friend as a holiday gift, the gift is light and affectionate, or use it to adorn your backpack and mobile phone, and bring yourself a sweet little happiness.

Below are some cute keychains for your reference. And here has so many more.

cute keychains

Standing villain keychain

There are more than 20 styles of keychains for boys, girls, babies, and dogs. This keychain from a Korean designer can choose from more than 20 styles, each of which is very cute. Many buyers buy in “complete sets”, but the combination of each set can be flexibly matched by themselves: “boy + girl” for a two-person world, “father + mother + child” for a family of three, and a family with pets can add kittens or puppies. It is cute and interesting, and you can easily distinguish your own keys from the keychain. The keychain can also be paired with a standing base to become a tabletop decoration.

cute keychains

“Old Man Ding” keychain

“An old man Ding, owes me two eggs, you say return in three days, four days passed no way” is a children’s song that many people can sing when they were young and can draw two strokes. As time goes by, when it is now almost forgotten, but it turns into a keychain and returns to us, causing a wave of “memory killing”. The old man Ding who was made into a keychain is still a little clumsy and cute. Whether it is used to hang keys or put it on a backpack, it is a unique and dazzling existence, because there is nothing more cherished like a forever gone childhood.

Cloud keychain

Collect every cloud which you don’t know where to go. Such a romantic dream, a small keychain can help you realize it. The transparent resin material wraps a “cloud” like amber, and coupled with a lanyard with a strong sense of handcraft, it is both romantic and artistic. “I am a cloud, happy and unrestrained”, with this cloud keychain, the “big and white cotton candy” in the sky will accompany you 24 hours a day.

Food keychain

This is a keychain that food lovers can’t miss, it is a sweet and sour orange petal, or a ripe fresh strawberry, or even a warm roasted sweet potato. Almost everyone who sees this series of keychains is impressed at how real they are, and will arouse their appetite. They will start thinking about the taste of oranges and strawberries, or immediately rush to the street to buy a roasted sweet potato to eat. The little keychain is so magical, it can put you in a good mood instantly.

These are just a few examples of cute keychains. Actually there are so many other types of cute keychains. The limitation is only decided by your imagination. For example, metal keychains can also have so many designs.

As a manufacturer of keychains, pins and medals,etc, Jiayue Pins is eager to make cute keychains for you. Welcome to send your inquiry from our online quote request.