ayaka and yoimiya pins from @pinsneedle !!! ❄️🔥

i posted ayaka’s pin but the quality of my photos wasn’t the best :/ so i wanted to take some new photos and decided to do both together since yoimiya’s birthday was the other day!! 🥳

what do you guys think?? 👀💕

i hope these photos are a bit better than the last! the lighting was terrible last time and i can’t tell if it’s any better this time 👁👄👁 i took a lot of photos this time so it was difficult to choose which ones to post and especially which one to put first!! 😫

I also got the kazuha pin but it’s currently in my ita bag, also from @pinsneedle !! 😌✋ and I recently received my next three pins from my latest order, which are designs for klee, sayu, and hu tao! 👀💣🌪🔥 i will be posting pictures of them when i open them up, as well as some pictures and maybe reels for a few other orders that have arrived!! 🙌🎁

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